Tasting Spirits

Check out the spirits we will be tasting “Behind The Bar” at this Saturday’s tasting.

1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon


A palate of sweet honey and vanilla tones is balanced with orange and spice, hinting at the relatively high rye content. A few minutes in the glass lets the nose open up nicely. A distinct woodiness sits in the background.quite tannic and fairly peppery, with a heavily woody flavor profile. A hint of maple is noticeable, but more than anything, what stands out is the dry, tongue-coating mouthfeel. The finish is oak, but drying, nearly hot finish. Some vanilla also peeks through. (Loch & K(e)y Exclusive selection)

Eagle Rare 10 Year Bourbon


The aroma quickly transforms into a bouquet with evolved scents of ripe banana and charcoal with fragrances of lanolin, almond butter, melon, and oil accent the toastiness. In the mouth, this oily, toasty beauty seduces the taste buds at palate entry with dry flavors of cereal grain and mild oak resin -- the mid-palate tastes explode on the tongue in unabashedly sweet and oily flavors of black raisins, grape- fruit, charred oak, and candied almonds; the finish is long, corny sweet, moderately fiery, and lasciviously oily. (Loch & K(e)y Exclusive selection)

High West American Prairie Bourbon (Barrel #2683)


87 Points Whiskey Advocate Spring ‘17 Finished 2 years in Quady Black Muscat barrels. Deep amber, ruby hues. Richly sweet, with raspberry preserve, pipe tobacco, dark chocolate, prune, honeysuckle, vanilla, and black tea. Dry leather finish cuts through the sweetness. Unique and peculiar. (Loch & K(e)y exclusive selection)