Tasting Spirits

Check out the spirits we will be tasting “Behind The Bar” this Saturday.

Smokey Quartz Granite Coast White Rum


Made with 100% American Molasses and fermented at a high temperature with a champagne yeast. It is distilled only once in our 8 plate still and only the ‘heart’ of the rum is used. We allow the rum to rest for over 2 weeks to ‘breathe’ and develop its full taste. The final cut to 80 proof is done using pure New Hampshire Monadnock spring water. No charcoal filtering is done–it’s not needed! A bold, sweet butterscotch up front. For a white rum it is surprising well bodied. The middle is nicely sweet with a smooth mouth texture. Finishes with a nice warmth, a slight pepper and no ‘burn. Winner of the 2016 American Craft Spirit Associations Silver Medal

Granite Coast Anejo Barrel Aged Rum


Made with the same process as our award winning Granite Coast White Rum. Then transferred into our award winning V5 bourbon barrels and aged. The color is gold with aromas of sweet molasses notes, light oak and vanilla. The taste is sweet, flavorful, Light Butterscotch, Good oak and vanilla. Slight spice with cinnamon. This all leads to a warm and slightly sweet finish.

Smokey Quartz V5 Bourbon


Coming in at 90 proof (45% ABV) and aged in 15 Gallon White Oak barrels. Gluten Free. The mash is 100% locally sourced organic corn (no wheat or rye in mash) the color is burnt Orange/Gold. It starts with rich aromas of sweet grain with a slightly heavier wood. The taste is sweet, flavorful, creamy, mild, good oak and vanilla. Slight Spice leaving to a warm, rich and long finish. Very little heat. Winner of the 2016 American Craft Spirit Associations Silver Medal