Tasting Spirits

Check out the spirits we will be tasting “Behind The Bar” at this Saturday’s tasting.

Sambuca Secolare


Sambuca liqueur is an Italian traditional product which originally comes from Southern Italy. It has spread around the world over the last century and today it is greatly appreciated by experts and drink connoisseurs. The ancient recipe of the liqueur has been passed on from one generation to another. Sambuca Secolare of Caffo’s distillery is famous for its delicious taste and aromatics. Made from natural ingredients, this liqueur’s taste and aroma remind of the old times. Under 850 produced per year.

Limoncino dell’Isola


Limoncello from the south, is made by infusing alcohol with peels of untreated lemons, matured under the hot Calabrian Sun. The lemons from farms located near Distilleria Caffo, are processed the same day as they are harvested. Only the most aromatic part of the fruit is used to obtain the infusion, i.e. yellow part of the peel is infused in neutral spirit. Under 1,600 Cases produced per year. 100% Natural flavor and color using the best quality Calabrian lemons. A delicious digestive to be savored chilled or on its own in cocktails. 93 Points Wine Enthusiast

Lucano Caffé


Caffe Lucano is the combination of the finest coffee blends and embodies the intensity of real Italian espresso with hints of cocoa and vanilla. It is best enjoyed chilled or at room temperature in winter. It is the perfect after dinner drink and ideal for decorating ice cream or in one of your favorite cocktails.