Tasting Spirits

Check out the spirits we will be tasting “Behind The Bar” at this Saturday’s tasting.

Mad River Revolution Rye


Mad River rye whiskey is carefully fermented from local and organic rye and distilled using their German still to bring out its delicate nuances. It is earthy and peppery with hints of walnut, berry and tropical spice. They use three distinct rye varietals, including chocolate malted rye, which lends the spirit a cocoa richness and finish.

Mad River Bourbon


We use only locally-sourced, non-GMO corn and mature our bourbons on site in the clear, clean air of Vermont. Our bourbon has a wonderful deep and rich aroma of Vermont-grown corn, smokiness on the palate, and a smooth aromatic finish.

Mad River Maple Cask Rum


Mad River Maple Rum begins its life as our First Run Rum, distilled from 100% demerara sugar. We trade barrels with syrup maker Al Wood, and he returns our rum barrels once he has finished aging his maple syrup in them. The First Run Rum is then transferred into these maple cured barrels, and the result is a rum that is smooth and bright with a nose of tropical fruits and butterscotch flavors. Rich, tropical and confectionary nose, with a bourbon quality that shows good balance and great promise.

Mad River First Run Rum


We age our premium rum, made with cane sugar, in fresh charred American oak barrels – just like our bourbon and ye. The result is simply stunning: First Run Rum – a sipping rum with an initial “hit” of bourbon-like richness rapidly transitioning to a smooth and distinctly rum-caramel finish. Since its introduction, even the “I only drink whiskey” consumers have been pleasantly surprised by our rum! All of our sugars are fair trade certified, all natural cane sugars from Malawi where our purchases support local villages and farmers.

Mad River Vanilla Rum


We start with our first Run Rum, fresh off of the still, and dilute to cask strength before placing it in stainless steel tanks. We infuse using only the finest Tahitian vanilla beans – nothing artificial. Some six weeks later we have a clear rum that is powered by a very pleasant vanilla nose with richness on the palate. A perfect rum for mixing a summertime cocktail or punch.