The Loch and K(e)Y Society is an organization committed to providing customers with hand-selected barrel-picked spirits. Located in Westborough, MA this organization provides our store with beautifully crafted American whiskeys, blended scotch whiskeys, bourbons, single malt scotches, cognacs and traditional spirits such as tequila and rums. Each item is hand selected and is tasted and is specifically bottled for the organization. A tremendous amount of dedication and time is done in selecting and blending these spirits to provide the “best” tasting spirit from the lot. The results are spirits with greater taste, character and flavor. We are proud providers of The Loch and K(e)Y societies selection of fine spirits.

Check out our current Listing of Loch and K(e)Y Spirits

Bourbons                                                                                      Prices
Blanton’s Single Barrel                                                           $50.99
Four Rose’s Private Selection OBSO                                 $63.99
Four Rose’s Private Selection OESQ                                 $63.99
Angel’s Envy Bourbon                                                             $47.99
Eagle Rare 10 Year                                                                    $32.99
Clyde’s May Special Blend                                                    $57.99
Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel                                           $53.99
Knob Creek Single Barrel 120                                              $43.99
Knob Creek Small Batch 100                                               $29.99
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel                     $49.99
Old Weller Antique 107                                                          $23.99
Buffalo Trace Bourbon                                                           $28.99
Ridgemont 1792 Small Batch                                             $26.99
Highwest Rendezvous Rye                                                   $74.99
Highwest double barrel Rye                                                $49.99

Single Malt Scotches
Gordan & Macphail Glentauchers                                    $54.99
Gordan & Macphail Mortlach Vintage 1999                  $124.99
Gordan & Macphail Glen Grant 25 Year                          $299.99
Old Malt Cask Glenturret 18 year                                      $97.99
Glen Garioch Vintage Scotch 1998                                   $109.99
Glenrothes Vintage Scotch 1998, Cask#3                      $99.99
Scotch Malt Whiskey Society “Pigs In Plaster”            $129.99

Glendalough Triple Barrel Irish Whiskey                        $36.99
Papa’s Pilar Double Barrel Rum                                         $41.99
Plantation Single Cask Belize Vintage Rum 2004       $42.99
Carribou Crossing Single Barrel Canadian Whisky     $49.99


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