Wine ConneXtion carries a wide assortment of quality wines, craft beers and spirits in our North Andover store. To give you a “virtual” sneak peak of the experience one gets when shopping in our store, we’ll be featuring different products here every week that are either new to our store or that we recommend trying.

Great for Valentine’s Day

Mad River Distillers Revolution Rye. It is earthy and peppery with hints of walnut, berry and tropical spice. Cocoa richness and finish. Aromatic chocolate and mocha notes. Pair with semi-sweet chocolate.

Smoky Quartz V5 Bourbon Whiskey. Sweet, flavorful, creamy, mild, oak and vanilla. Slight spice. Pair with extra dark chocolate.

Copper Moon Distillery Oak Barrel Bourbon Whiskey. Single barrel, heavy charred, sipping Bourbon. Oak aroma and taste. Pair with milk chocolate.


Other Features

We’ve got some crowd favorites back in stock! Come in to pick up your bottle of Coppermoon, Belle Meade Bourbon and Belle Meade Reserve Bourbon and Bribon Blanco.



Nonino Amaro & Vino Amaro. Back in stock! Two excellent amaros perfect for a Black Manhattan or an excellent aperitif or post-dinner drink.




Barrell Bourbon Batch 025. We have a few bottles left so definitely something to grab to try while we have some! This bask in beautiful baking spices-cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon-with toasty oak and candlewax hinting at its maturity. The palate is wonderfully dense with fruit, including flavors of marmalade, strawberry jam, and bright tropical fruits, woven with more spice. Even with water the richness and viscosity stand tall, as more caramel and butterscotch emerge. The spellbinding finish is long, sweet, and nutty. $82.99


Midleton Very Rare Whiskey. Created in 1984 by Master Distiller Emeritus Barry Crockett, Midleton Very Rare is the ultimate expression of his art and expertise. Once a year, Master Distiller, Brian Nation honors Barry’s vision by handpicking the finest and rarest whiskeys available and carefully blends them to create each annual vintage of Midleton Very Rare. Only a select number of casks are deemed of sufficient excellence and rarity to bear the Midleton Very Rare name, making this The Pinnacle of Irish Whiskey. Descriptions from the whisky maker, Midleton


Kelt Cognac “Captain’s Barrel.” “Captain’s Barrel” is a single cask blend averaging 20 years old (older than most major house’s XOs) bottled at 84.2 proof.  Signatory Linkwood 23 Year Old Speyside Single Malt Scotch Cask Strength Whisky. A 1997 Linkwood single malt from indie bottler Signatory Vintage, matured in a single hogshead for more than two decades, before being bottled as part of its Cask Strength Collection in March 2020. Kentucky Owl Bourbon. Notes of gardenia, banana bread, toasty sourdough bread crust, and red apple on the nose. The taste is of graham crackers, citrus, toffee, and muted sweet cinnamon spice, balanced with white grape notes, and a hint of cayenne on the finish. Whiskey Advocate Fall 2019 Rated 91 Points.

Crème de Cassis is perfect for making yourself a Kir Royale, a delicious French cocktail made with Cassis and Champagne. It’s just one of the many reasons why you should be exploring light and bubbly recipes that use this rich, red and tangy liqueur!



Your Thanksgiving will look a bit different this year (read: much, much smaller) but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less of a celebration! Now, more than ever, we should reflect and be grateful for all of our blessings. And what better time to try some new and very special with your family at home than during your Turkey Day dinner? Shop our new selection of our store’s Lock & Key single-barrel picks. From left to right, we have Redemption Single Brrel Bourbon “The Big Sadowsy,” Redemption Single Barrel Bourbon “Double Nickels,” Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon “To the Nines,” Elijah Craig 10 Year Single Barrel “Chevy,” Whistle Pig 10 Year Rye “Tenure” and Knob Creek Single Barrel “Rule of Three.” These would also make the perfect gift for someone special.

A Tale of Cake, Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch. Glenmorangie Director of Whisky Creation, Dr. Bill, devised this whisky to conjure the magic of a cake moment, finishing his favorite Glenmorangie Single Malt in the finest Tokaji dessert wine casks. The liquid is a rich copper, but the taste is pure technicolor, luscious, sweet and complex with multi-layered bursts of honey, white chocolate and fruits with a lilting hint of mint. As you might expect, it tastes incredible when enjoyed with actual cake.

Complex, rich and multi-layered, with a burst of passion fruit, peach, pear, mango. More savory notes like baking bread, gentle sappy oak and a curious, flinty minerality emerge. This is then followed by classic Glenmorangie notes like honeycomb, vanilla and almond, with a hint of milk chocolate. With a splash of water, more zesty notes emerge, like apricot, elderflower, flowering currents, honey pollen and peach syrup.
Descriptions from the Scotchmaker, Glenmorangie

Our very special L&K “Do the Math” single barrel pick of Barrell Bourbon has just landed! This straight bourbon whiskey is technically a 15 year bourbon even though it reads 14 year on the label, hence the “Do the Math” name. Distilled in 2005 and bottled in 2020. 112.3 Proof.

About Barrell Craft Spirits. Barrell Craft Spirits, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is an independent blender and bottler of unique, aged, cask strength sourced whiskey and rum, recognized for its blending expertise. Barrell Craft Spirits has been highly rated by Whisky Advocate, including Editor’s Choice, and was named Best American Whiskey of 2018 in Forbes by whiskey authority Fred Minnick. Awarded Best Bourbon twice at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC), once in 2017 and again in 2020. Other SFWSC awards include Best Small Batch Bourbon, Best Small Batch Bourbon over 11 years, Best Small Batch Bourbon 6-10 years and Best Overproof Rum, as well as nine Double Gold medals and seven Gold medals. Our award-winning line of products is currently sold in 43 states throughout the United States.

Calumet Farm Single Rack Black 12 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. After meeting strict aroma, taste and finish criteria, a single, mature rack of only 19 barrels is hand selected and begins its journey to become Calumet Farm Single Rack Black 12 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey. All barrels used are aged in a single, center cut rack from the ideal maturation location and conditions inside the rick house. We use a traditional mash bill of corn, rye and malted barley to craft this premium bourbon.

Calumet Farm Single Rack Black 14 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey. Represents both the prestigious nature and hard-earned quality of a premium Kentucky straight bourbon. It is painstakingly crafted from extremely small batches of 19 barrels. All barrels used are aged in a single, center cut rack from the ideal maturation location and conditions inside the rick house. This expression of the Calumet Farm Bourbon family is a true convergence of craftsmanship and flavor. It is Non-Chill Filtered for added depth of character and color.

High n’ Wicked “The Honorable.” High n’ Wicked, based in Jackson, Wyoming, was formed to present and develop unique American whiskies – releasing singular expressions annually that it deems worthy of its name. “The Honorable” is its first limited edition release. A 12 year old, 90 proof, Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished for four months in Ex-California cabernet barrels.

Maker’s Mark Private Selection and Old Scout Straight Bourbon Whiskey are both single barrel bourbon picks by Loch and K(e)y for our store. Based in Westborough, MA, the Loch and K(e)Y society is an organization that is committed to providing customers with hand-selected, barrel-picked American whiskeys, blended scotch whiskeys, bourbons and single malt scotches of the highest quality. We’re proud providers of the Loch and K(e)Y society’s selection of fine spirits. In 2015, we became one of the few exclusive retailers of Loch and K(e)Y selections when we opened The BackRoom and expanded our inventory to include high-end spirits.

The Queen’s Share, Privateer International. Privateer’s Queen’s Share rum is made from the richest cuts of our rum distillation. In every distillation there are traditionally three main cuts. A traditional Queen’s Share Rum, dry, oak and color unique to batch, effusive aromatics, opulent body, luscious texture. Minimum 2 years, each distillation is matched to a unique barrel befitting it’s character. Based on texture and character the spirit is matched to either a 53 gallon new American oak barrel, used rum, bourbon, or brandy barrel.

More in Store

Noble Oak Bourbon. Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon is a unique award-winning bourbon finished with sherry oak sourced by the Master of Wood at Edrington, producers of the world’s finest single malts. Golden chestnut in color. Notes of honey and ripe cherries on the nose. Hints of vanilla give way to warm spices and dried fruits, finished with lingering flavors of wood and cherry.

Caorunn Dry Gin. Carefully handcrafted in the Scottish Highlands, Caorunn expertly infuses five locally foraged gin botanicals. Artisanal and small batch, beautifully mixing the rugged charm of Speyside with the urban sophistication of modern Scotland.



New! Chicken Cock Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Distilled, aged, and bottled in Kentucky, Chicken Cock Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has a rich, elegant mahogany hue; a nose which balances oak tones with sweet notes of dried fruit, caramel, and vanilla; and a palate that opens with soft tannins. A creamy, almost buttery mouthfeel is complemented by butterscotch notes and toasted oak, resolving with a vanilla finish. At 90 proof, there is a slight, welcome bourbon heat. The bourbon is bottled in a replica of the Prohibition-era Chicken Cock bottle.


Back in Stock! On the Rocks Premixed Cocktails. While the premade cocktail space traditionally has been seen as a cheap thrill, OTR is changing perception by creating a new Ready To Serve craft cocktail category. In contrast to most bottled drinks out there, these cocktails are made with high quality spirits, all natural ingredients, and no preservatives.





Clément X.O. Rum. Superior Aged Rum. With a beautiful dark mahogany color, Clément 6 year old Rhum Agricole has been distilled from fresh pressed sugarcane juice and aged a minimum of six years in a combination of virgin and re-charred oak barrels, yielding an exceptional aged Agricole Rhum, with a beautiful smokey aroma and long lingering finish. This rum is accentuated by the intense charred wood flavors balanced by the natural sweetness of the sugarcane distillate and displays some of the finest floral notes and pure character of the Clément cellar.

Privateer Rum Navy Yard. (Style) A Traditional New England Rum, dry, copper color, pronounced aromatics, oak aged, full body, with fleshy texture. (In a Daiquiri) Adds power, velvet texture, and deep bass notes of pastry, brown butter, custard, apricot marmalade, hazelnut, and dried figs. (Cane Type) 100% grade A molasses. (Aging) Minimum 2 years, 53 gallon 100% new American oak barrels.


Privateer Queen’s Share. (Style) A traditional Queen’s Share Rum, dry, oak and color unique to batch, effusive aromatics, opulent body, luscious texture. (In a Daiquiri) Adds depth, supple texture, and layered notes of golden raisin, honey, macadamia nut, and toasted coconut. (Cane Type) Evaporated cane juice crystals, real boiled brown sugar, and grade A molasses. (Aging) Minimum 2 years, each distillation is matched to a unique barrel befitting it’s character. Based on texture and character the spirit is matched to either a 53 gallon new American oak barrel, used rum, bourbon, or brandy barrel.

Plantation 3 Stars. A tribute to the historic rums produced in the Caribbean, with a suave blend of the region’s three primary terroirs: Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. While Barbados delivers richness and a balanced palate, Trinidad adds finesse and Jamaica provides an emphatic structure. A perfect rum for Daiquiris.


Plantation Original Dark. The rich and intense style of Jamaica and Barbados, with their notes of plum, banana and vanilla, is enhanced by meticulous blending and further maturation, in France. The result is a profound structure spiced with notes of cinnamon and clove, whose smoky quality adds texture. An ideal companion for cocktails.


Blue Chair Bay Spiced Rum. From the Barbary Coast to the exotic spice markets of the Far East to the white beaches of the Caribbean, Blue Chair Bay’s Spiced Rum takes you on a globe-trotting adventure. The warm, sun-kissed amber color hints at its tropical, heady aroma. Soft, sweet vanilla meets fiery cinnamon and other spices to evoke visions of palm trees and pirate flags. Mix with a cola and set sail!



We have a variety of premium vodkas for sale in our store. Explore our wide selection of the best brands. All of the featured vodkas are available for purchase either in store or by ordering ahead with curbside pickup.

Ravo Vodka. A Vodka in its purest form, made from winter wheat, continuously distilled five times, and blended with natural spring water. Ravo is honoring the true, classic, and basic Swedish traditions of how to make a great tasting vodka. $13.99



Familiar with cava? It’s a delicious sparkling wine from Spain that can be white or pink in color. It’s named is derived from the caves in which the wine is aged and is produced the same way as Champagne, which results in higher quality bottling. All of the featured cavas are available for purchase either in store or by ordering ahead with curbside pickup.

Mas Fin Cava. There are notes of white flowers and citrus on the nose. The wine tastes crisp, dry and refreshing with fresh stone fruits and pleasant creamy flavors in the mouth. It ends with a long citrus finish.  $9.99



Discover aperol! This classic Italian apéritif is bright orange in color it has a unique bitter-sweet taste from a recipe that has remained unchanged since its creation. Its popularity has grown continuously due to its versatile taste and the fact that it can be mixed with so many other drinks. $24.99



The Mexican distilled spirit made from the agave plant is delicious for many reasons. Regardless of how you prefer to drink it – straight, with some lime or as part of an iced margarita – we have premium options to choose from. All featured tequilas are available for purchase either in store or by ordering ahead with curbside pickup.

Chinano Tequila Blanco. Pristinely clear, Chinaco Blanco has a lovely bouquet of pear, quince, dill and lime, tinged with aloe. It’s very clean, smooth, fresh and bright on the palate, with exceptional depth and balance, followed by a smooth, long, lingering finish. $32.99


featured Irish whiskeys

Irish Whiskey

Great Irish whiskey often come with great stories. Now the fastest-growing spirit in the world, check out these featured whiskeys available in store. All of the featured Irish whiskeys are available for purchase either in store or by ordering ahead with curbside pickup. You can get simply started by clicking here.

West Cork Irish Whiskey 12 Year Old Port Cask Finish. Aged for 12 years in first-fill ex-Bourbon casks and then finished for 6 month in Douro Superior Port casks this whiskey brings a nice combination of sweet characteristics that blend together quite well  Irish whisky is not often Port finished, so this is something of rarity. This finish has given the whisky a faint rosy hue and an extra layer of sweetness. On the nose this whisky is fruity and fudgy, with some slight herbal notes, toasted barley and vanilla soaked oak. The palate brings notes of tea cake with some butter and honey, a little espresso and dark chocolate, before a faint wave of red fruit flavors. The finish is creamy, with red berries, wood spice and toffee lasting. A delicious Irish single malt, bottled at the slightly higher 43% ABV. $49.99

West Cork Irish Whiskey 12 Year Old Sherry Cask Finish. A limited release of 12 Year old single malt irish whiskey aged in first fill Bourbon casks for 12 years and finished for circa 110 days in rum, sherry (Pedro Ximinex) or port (Douro Superior) casks. WCD polish matures in selected casks for a shorter period than other distilleries to avoid overpowering the bourbon cask maturation. The nose of the West Cork 12 Year Old Sherry Cask, is that of vanilla pod, rhubarb tart and orange peel aromas that all settle together. The palate is that of a typical sherry finished whiskeys with flavours of raisins and dates with hints of nutty notes on the back of your mouth. The finish is somewhat strange with thick blackcurrant flavour. Lovely way to finish a whiskey. Mash Bill: 100% Malted Barley; ABV: 43%. $49.99

Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey. Glendalough is a single grain Irish whisky, initially matured in American Bourbon barrels before enjoying a finishing period of six months in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks. This comes bottled at 42%ABV, brought down to this strength by Wicklow mountain water. The overall effect is bold and mouthwatering, and yields flavors of almond, vanilla and pecan accented by clove and black pepper. Succulent caramel, salty melted butter and crème anglaise provide a thick, decadent sweetness with a fruity underlay from blackberries and marmalade. A polished oak finish with a hint of wood spice linger makes this whisky a rather tasty release from the Glendalough collection. $29.99

Glendalough Pot Still Irish Whiskey. Finished for up to a year in the rarest of all casks, virgin Irish oak, this is a milestone for Irish whiskey. A single cask, mainstream whiskey that makes available the flavors of Irish oak to everyone. These special casks are filled with the most quintessentially Irish of whiskeys – pot still. The higher levels of toasted oak and vanilla flavors that Irish oak brings to the liquid complement and balance the classic pot still spices. Each bottle is numbered and traceable to each cask and even to the tree from whence it came. $49.99