Tasting Spirits

This Saturday, “The BackRoom” presents…
David’s Pick!

Dave’s Notes:  I picked Larceny Small Batch Bourbon, produced by Heaven Hill Distillery, because it over-delivers for the price point at $24.99. It is considered a “Wheated” Bourbon, meaning the mash is only corn and wheat, no other grains. When you compare Larceny to Makers Mark, which is also a wheated bourbon, Larceny wins best value and beats Makers mark in a blind taste test almost every year! Larceny is full of flavor and leaves you with little burn. Perfect for sipping and is GREAT in a “Manhattan.”

Larceny was hand selected by the Master Distillers to have a taste profile of a six-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Made with wheat as the secondary grain, instead of the traditional rye, Larceny is a smoother tasting Bourbon.

Color:  Bright new copper
Aroma:  Fresh bread and toffee, with a note of butterscotch
Taste:  Buttery caramel and honeyed notes, with a rich mouthfeel
Finish:  Long, gently sweet and savory

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