Tasting Spirits

“May Is For Mezcal” continues this Saturday with two extraordinary Tequilas from IXA!

IXA Silver Organic Tequila


Rich organic tequila the taste is agave, herbs, and clay, with a buttery finish. Mix in Margaritas or mix with aromatic liqueurs, bitters, or vermouth. Organic 100% heartland blue agave and spring water. IXÁ Tequila is gluten free, organic and vegan with no added sugar.

IXA Anejo Tequila


A powerful aged tequila with a subtle finish. IXÁ Añejo Tequila balances the flavor of tequila and wood without one overwhelming the other – an immensely flavorful tequila. The taste is baked apples and clay up front balanced by wood, caramel, and spices on the finish. Enjoy at your own pace, neat is good and keep your mind open to IXÁ Añejo Tequila cocktails. IXÁ Añejo Tequila ingredients: Organic 100% heartland blue agave.