Getting Out, Getting Together: Cookout with Friends

Brainstorming ways to get together with friends while staying safe? Consider having a few friends over for a good old-fashioned cookout in your backyard.

Keep the guest list to one or two friends and the menu pretty simple. Go-to options like hamburgers and hot dogs are ideal. Be sure everyone is seated a distance apart as everyone enjoys their food in single-use plates (eco-friendly, biodegradable options are a plus)… perfectly in line with laid-back vibe, through and through.

And, we all can agree, there’s nothing better than a cold beer when sitting by a hot grill. We hand-picked the best beers to pair with these simple barbecue dishes.

  • Spicket River Summertime Thots Peach Saison 16oz. Spicket River Brewery located in Lawrence, MA believes “clean water means better beer,”  so in addition to producing high quality beer, they’ve taken an active role in the cleaning of local rivers and trails. This saison is ripe full of juicy peach flavor. $15.99/4pk
  • Exhibit A Cat’s Meow IPA 16oz. Aromas of tangerines and ripe stone fruits greet the nose followed by flavors of grapefruit peel, fresh navel oranges and light malt sweetness. Smooth finish with a touch of grapefruit bitterness at the end. $12.99/4pk
  • Hermit Thrush Party Guy Kettle Sour Ale 16oz. Lemony with notes of strawberry. Because Party Guy is the subsequent wort runnings of a higher ABV beer, it packs a stunningly large amount of flavor and mouthfeel, passing through twice as much flavorful grain than would a typical 3% ABV beer. $11.19/4pk