Holiday Wine 101 – Wine To Serve On Thanksgiving

Wondering what type of wine to serve on Thanksgiving? We have put together a Thanksgiving Beverage Guide, with some professional picks on what wine to serve guests and when!

Post Football Game Cocktail

Your local High School football team has won. It’s time to celebrate! We recommend serving up a Bloody Mary. Try Fire Puncher Vodka ($24.99). It is made with Chipotle pepper + Hickory smoke for a feisty-hot mouthfeel.

Pre-Meal Crudité Wine

Are you serving up some lighter bites pre-meal? Pinot Noir pairs well with vegetables and light appetizers. Oregonian Pinot Noirs are more delicate + subtle, like Averaen ($16.99) or Maison L’Envoye “Two Messengers” ($21.99).  For a heartier Pinot Noir, think Santa Barbara County, like a Rusack Santa Barbara Pinot Noir ($29.99)

Turkey Wine Pairings

It’s time for the star of the show – the turkey! But, did you know that turkey is an extremely versatile food, and universally pairs well with any wine?! That is why we always suggest pairing your wine offerings with your Thanksgiving side dishes.

  • If you are serving HEAVY SIDES: Go with a Sirah or Chardonnay. We love Brady Petite Sirah ($19.99) + Butter Blossom Chardonnay ($17.99).
  • If you are going with LIGHT SIDES: Serve a Rosé or Riesling. Try Collection of Angels Rosé ($11.99) or Ryan Park Riesling ($9.99).
  • If you are cooking up a COMBINATION OF LIGHT and HEAVY SIDES: Pinot Noir and Zinfandel pair well with both heavy and light sides. Urgency Pinot Noir ($14.99) + Scotto Zinfandel ($11.99) are sure to be crowd pleasers!

Dessert Wine +  Cordials

It’s time for the icing on the cake…or, in this case, pie! If you are serving up anything sweet, including pies, tarts and cookies, a Zinfandel is a great choice. For the Zinfandel, try a nice, heavy, fruit-forward option like Brady Zinfandel ($19.99).

If you are looking for a drink that is the ‘something sweet’, try serving a Cordial. The Caffo line of Cordials bring quality and variety to these perfectly sweet post-meal sips. And, they have something for everyone, including: Amaretto ($15.99); Amaro ($23.99); Anisette ($16.99); Limoncello ($15.99); Sambuca ($15.99); and Solara Orange Liqueur.

Click on the image below to download our Holiday Wine 101: Thanksgiving Beverage Guide!

image of Thanksgiving wine to serve guide

Questions? Give our wine and cocktail experts a call (877-469-5025), or come into the store to learn more! All of the beverages mentioned above are available in our store for purchase.