Michael David “Freakshow” Chardonnay

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Michael David Winery Introduces…
“Freakshow” Chardonnay!

David Phillips, Co-Owner of Michael David Winery will be at Wine ConneXtion on Saturday, 10/12/19, for a very special wine tasting event.  David Phillips is proud to introduce to Wine ConneXtion, “Freakshow” Chardonnay!

What is “Freakshow” Chardonnay?
Step right up and marvel at the wonders of “Freakshow” Chardonnay! This Goddess of the Sea has been scouring the ocean depths and tempting pirates and sailors alike for centuries, and now she has joined our show. The 4th act in our menagerie of Freaks is none other than the daughter of Poseidon, or ‘Madison’ as we have come to know her. The grapes are sourced from the Phillips family’s vineyard here in Lodi and are certified sustainable, making this Chardonnay the perfect addition to your table and our Freakshow family.

Tasting Notes
Approachable, flirty and fun loving, our Freakshow Chardonnay is fruit forward and crisp, with mouthwatering aromas of juicy mango, summer stone fruit, cinnamon spice and buttered popcorn. Enchanting flavors of nectarine, stewed Golden Delicious apples, butterscotch, hickory and a hint of vanilla and coconut on the finish.

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