Organic Spirits to Try Out in 2021

There is a growing demand for organics in the spirits industry. Organic spirits are produced from organic grains and fruits that have avoided exposure to the chemicals that are generally present when conventionally grown (i.e., pesticides and herbicides). Spirits drinkers opt for organic products for a number of reasons. Some have a desire to reduce their exposure to chemicals, others feel organic spirits are in line with their environmental views, while many more just prefer the taste of organic spirits.

Smugglers Notch Organic Vodka
Gluten Free Organic Vodka, a small batch blend distilled from American organic corn, and Vermont spring water. Their processing of these ingredients creates a smooth, creamy, sweet, clean tasting Mountain Spirit with unparalleled purity.

Triple 8 Organic Vodka
This vodka features an organic wheat spirit blended with Nantucket’s famously pure water. It finishes smooth. 201 8 awarded Gold Medal and Best of Category by American Distilling Institute. 80 proof.

Azuñia Blanco Tequila
Clean, floral and fruity, this blanco tequila is equally impressive sipped alone or mixed into a colorful cocktail. An unaged award-winner, Azuñia Blanco Organic Tequila boasts agave, lemon and tropical fruit flavors, finishing off with notes of light pepper and citrus.