Speyside to Islay

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A guest pourer with a unique understanding of Scotch whiskey will showcase some of the great expressions from the Benromach Distillery located in the Speyside region of Scotland. Please join us as we explore the differences between distillery bottlings versus independent bottlings from Speyside to Islay, Scotland.

Signups to attend this tasting are required and can be made by calling the store or emailing dmessina@wineconnextion.com.

Take a look at the whiskeys we will be tasting:

Gordan & MacPhail Collection – Ardmore 15 Year Scotch
Region: Highlands
The nose starts with subtle sherry influences with hints of lemon, pineapple, and charred oak. The palate is sweet and creamy with ripe banana and hints of lime. An underlying charred oak flavor combines with a milk chocolate finish. The body is medium with a smooth and creamy full finish.

Gordan & MacPhail Collection – Old Putlney 21 Year Scotch
Region: Highlands
On the nose sweet sherry influences mingle with vanilla and festive spices. A fresh hint of lime zest combines with chocolate and stewed fruits. Sweet and smooth with hints of pepper. Rich fruit flavors – raisin, raspberry, and plum mingle with clove and cinnamon. Orange and chocolate develop alongside a hint of roasted hazelnut. On the palate it is smooth and fruity with rich lime flavors followed by baked apple, raspberry, and hints of chocolate. A subtle charred oak flavor lingers. Medium to full bodied finish with hints of fruit and charred oak.

Gordan & MacPhail Collection – Caol Ila 10 Year Scotch
Region: Islay
On the nose sweet cured meats, fresh green apple, and pear aromas are complemented by hints of lemon. On the palate sweet yet peppery with ripe banana, mango, and kiwi flavors. Toasted oak and peat smoke combine on the finish. Light bodied with a long sweet and smoky finish.

Gordan & MacPhail Collection – Bunnahabhain 8 year Scotch
Region: Islay
The nose is delicate Sherry influences mingled with toasted malt and orange citrus aromas. Hints of mango, apricot and fresh gooseberry are complemented by a subtle rose water note. On the palate rich orange zest flavors combine with ripe banana and kiwi. Roasted hazelnut and milk chocolate complement delicate bonfire embers on the tongue. A light bodied whiskey with a smokey and medium body finish.

Gordan & MacPhail Collection – Scapa 10 Year Scotch
Region: Islands
On the nose you get notes of pears, apples, and citrus aromas. A trace of cigar ash and vanilla. The palate starts with notes of sweet vanilla and mild spices initially with tropical fruits and charred oak flavors developing. A light to medium bodied whiskey that leads you to a long creamy finish.

Gordan & MacPhail Collection – Highland Park 24 Year Scotch
Region: Islands
The nose starts with vanilla aromas mingled with toasted malt, red apple, and a hint of aniseed. The palate upon entry is sweet initially followed by a tingle of spice on the tongue. Demerara sugar, pear, and green apple combine with smooth milk chocolate flavors. A delicate trace of smoke is present. Medium in bodied, this leads to a long, creamy and smooth finish with a touch of smokey fruit.


Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to taste some of the finest Scotch whiskeys!