Three Styles of Beer to Try this Spring

Idle Hands Farmhouse Pale Ale. Easy drinking farmhouse ale with an American twist. Notes of stone fruit, tropical fruit and bubblegum with a dry peppery finish. Idle Hands offers an array of Belgian beers to provide refreshment, complement a meal, and most importantly, keep those “idle hands from making the devil’s playground!” $12.99/4pk

Green State Lager. A crisp, easy drinking Pilsner beer. Noble hops in perfect balance with only the finest Pilsner malt provide a clean and satisfying brew that is as welcoming as the Green State itself. One of the distinguishing elements of the beers at Zero Gravity is their adherence to the qualities of the classic beer styles that make those beers great.  $9.99/4pk

Allagash White. Features a refreshing balance of citrus and spice. Brewed with wheat, coriander, and Curaçao orange peel. This is a traditional Belgian-style witbier, and is an example of one of the few styles beers that was originally designed to be hazy. The beer’s haze comes from a combination of yeast and proteins within the malt, oats and wheat with which it’s brewed.  $12.99/4pk