Join Wine ConneXtion as we kick off summer with our annual “Zins & Sliders” cookout and zinfandel tasting.  We grill up perfect mini-burgers and then pair them with an extensive lineup of the finest zinfandels we can find.

The third part of our 3-Part series of wine tastings featuring ONLY wines that have scored 90 points, or higher, by the wine industries most highly regarded wine raters.
Please join us and learn what it takes to earn a “90 Point” (or higher!) score, AND be amazed at the “quality to value” these amazing wines represent.

These Chardonnays have waited a LONG time in all kinds of oak-  French,  American, Hungarian, just to bring you the “3 B’s” of amazing Chardonnay flavor:  Big, Bold & Buttery.

Looking for a great way to thank the man who was your first “super hero”, your first coach, your best “guidance counselor”, and now your “best friend”?  Wine ConneXtion is presenting a lineup of fines wines and liquors to help you say, “Thanks, Dad.  Happy Fathers’ Day.”

Join Wine ConneXtion as we explore the often forgotten white varietals that make for some of Summer’s best patio, beach, lake or barbeque wines.  We’re exploring Marsanne. Viognier, Albarino, and Riesling to show just how delicious these “Forgotten Whites” are all by themselves.

Wine ConneXtion is getting ready for Independence Day by lining up a special wine list of all domestic red and white wines, each chosen for its “independent” character.