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New this week…

Spicket River Ale.  A West Coast style IPA featuring with British crystal malt, Falconer’s Flight hops, and passionfruit.

Spicket River Hustlin Hops DIPA. A double dry-hopped DIPA with a showy aromatics and a soft mouthfeel. Amarillo, Citra, and Sultana hops create citrusy, tropical aromas and flavors with a distinctive pineapple character.

Spicket River Bodega Juice IPA. An IPA with a soft mouthfeel, expressive aromatics and succulent flavors. Citrusy, tropical hops complement a stonefruit yeast profile to create a beer with an approachable mouthfeel and an overall luscious character.

Monsta Finga #4.  A double dry-hopped IPA featuring Sultana and Simcoe hops.

Menace to New England IPA. A hazy IPA incorporating Citra and Sultana hops, a touch of light Munich malt, and Naranjilla (Lulo) puree. The fruit addition creates a bright, tart character complementing the pineapple and passionfruit notes from the hops and a light kiss of bready, nutty malt profile. 7.3% abv.

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